Winter nutrition of fall-calving cows and calves

TitleWinter nutrition of fall-calving cows and calves
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsTurner, HA, Raleigh, RJ, ,
Keywordscow feed levels, creep feeding, lactating cows, native meadow hay, supplementation

Studies were conducted over a 10-year period to determine the feasibility of supplementing lactating cows being wintered on native meadow hay. The interaction between cow feed levels and creep feeding of calves was also investi-gated. Results show that a full feed of meadow hay to the cows and no creep to the calves may be the most profitable. When cattle prices are high in relation to feed costs, supplementing the cows with protein and energy along with creep feed for the calves may be profitable.

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