Gramene: a resource for comparative grass genomics.

TitleGramene: a resource for comparative grass genomics.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsWare, D, Jaiswal, P, Ni, J, Pan, X, Chang, K, Clark, K, Teytelman, L, Schmidt, S, Zhao, W, Cartinhour, S, McCouch, S, Stein, L
JournalNucleic acids research
Date Published2002 Jan 1
KeywordsChromosome Mapping, Computer Graphics, Database Management Systems, Databases, Forecasting, Genes, Genetic, Genetic Markers, Genome, Heritable, Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet, Mutation, Oryza sativa, plant, Poaceae, Quantitative Trait, Sequence Homology

Gramene ( is a comparative genome mapping database for grasses and a community resource for rice. Rice, in addition to being an economically important crop, is also a model monocot for understanding other agronomically important grass genomes. Gramene replaces the existing AceDB database ’RiceGenes’ with a relational database based on Oracle. Gramene provides curated and integrative information about maps, sequence, genes, genetic markers, mutants, QTLs, controlled vocabularies and publications. Its aims are to use the rice genetic, physical and sequence maps as fundamental organizing units, to provide a common denominator for moving from one crop grass to another and is to serve as a portal for interconnecting with other web-based crop grass resources. This paper describes the initial steps we have taken towards realizing these goals.